Donating Your Car? – Don’t Donate Your Car

Why donate your car when you can get cash for you car now and use it for paying off bills or anything else?  Some people are under the impression that a tax write off is the best possible reason to donate your car but in reality you never get a write off that is worth the value of what you can sell the car for.  So why get a write off for $500 or $1000 when we will pay you twice that for your car.  Use half the money to pay taxes and put the other half in your pocket.  The funny thing is that while a $500 dollar tax write off for a junk car is ok. What happens to the car that is worth $5000 or $10,000?  No one is going to give you a write off of more than a thousand or two.  Sell My Car For Cash Now will pay you top dollar for that car and when all is said and done you will have thousands more in your pocket over donating a car any day.

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