How to Sell My Car

There are a few options to selling your car:
A. You can list it online on one of the car selling sites. These listing can sometimes cost you money or you can find a classifieds listing that is free. The paid for listing normally get beter results that the classified but either can work. The advantages are that in some cases you can get a few more dollars for your vehicle but it’s at the cost of having to show your car to quite a few potential buyers and the negotiations can really take there toll.
B. You can trade in your car at a dealer. This is good if you want to get into a new car but the trade in value is lower than what your would get if your were to sell your car outright and then you can use the funds towards a new car purchase.
C. Sell your car to The advantage is that you get your money in hand right away, you get more than your trade in value, there are no hassles in dealing with many potential buyers that want to view the car and you are free to move on in as little as one day.

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