Fair Market Value For My Car

The fair market value for your car is based on a number of factors. It can range from condition of car, year, make/model, mileage, color and overall desirablity of the vehicle. As you will see not all used cars with the same year and milage will sell for the same price and KBB is not always the determining value of the car because their value is based on new car prices with average condition and average depreciation but cars in states with better roads will always maintain better wear and tear that cas from states without such roads.
Overall fair market value for cars is not based on retail prices of used cars they are based on retail prices of brand new cars. A fair market price for any used car will be based on metrics that range from wear and tear to condition, accident reports, mileage and so on it is important to remember that no two identical used cars with the same year an mileage will be priced the same.

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